Asbestos Testing

We carry out both bulk and air analysis for Asbestos.”

Relaible Testing Laboratories is one of only a few laboratories in U.A.E that is capable of conducting asbestos analysis. Reliable Testing Laboratories  is well equipped to do bulk  as well as air anlaysis. The Laboratorytechnicians are trained in the U.S.A and well experienced,  having conducted several  hundred tests in the last few years. Bulk analysis is primarily done using Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM). PLM differentiates asbestos  from non asbestos and further identifies the type and percentageof  asbestos in the material analysed.

Air samples are analysed using Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM). Using this method, fibers larger than 0.25 micron in diameter are   counted and reported. The method used in the analysis is NIOSH 7400.  Reliable Testing Laboratory can analyse back ground and clearance samples from Asbestos abatement projects.