Reliable Testing Laboratory carries out Microbiology tests for Food, Water and Air. Reliable Testing Laboratory understands the requirement of Dubai Municipality and Customers can request quotations for standard sets of tests grouped on the Municipality requirements for Air, Water and Food.


Reliable Testing Laboratory carries out a wide range of tests in their Chemistry Lab. The Test List is given below for easy reference.

Indoor Air Quality

Reliable Testing Laboratories (RTL) offers Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tests in line with the local Green Building Standards and international IAQ standards. RTL can provide expert analytical, consultative and investigative services apart from reporting measurements.

Dop Tests

Reliable Testing Laboratory offers DOP (Dispersable Oil Particle Tests) using PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) tests. DOP tests are carried out to check the integrity of the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filters. Reliable Testing Laboratory offers both onsite and offsite tests for your HEPA filtered equipment.

Asbestos Testing

Relaible Testing Laboratories is one of only a few laboratories in U.A.E that is capable of conducting asbestos analysis. Reliable Testing Laboratories is well equipped to do bulk as well as air anlaysis. The Laboratorytechnicians are trained in the U.S.A and well experienced, having conducted several hundred tests in the last few years.

Legionella Risk Assessment

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